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Can a Creditor send a deletion letter for a disputed account in error? What to do if OC says deletion letter was sent in error?

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I have a Capital One charge off that was sold. Capital One has no documentations on the accnt, but continues to update using the date the accnt was sold as DOLA that sets the clock on the 7 year reporting. I have documentations proving the last payment date, which will place the account over the 7 year reporting. I disputed with all 3 CRA and debt was verified. I requested my payment history, and it was never provided. I filed a complaint with BBB, Capital One claimed they will continue to report until May 2014. I received a letter Capital One stating that they have instructed the CRAs to delete the tradeline of the account from my file. Capital One contacted me in response to my complaint. I mentioned the letter. The rep said the letter may have been sent to me mistakenly by a rep

I received a deletion letter from Capital One stating that they have requested the deletion of the account tradeline from the CRAs. A representative from exec. resolution office called me regadrding my numerous complaints. I faxed the deletion letter I received from Capital One to her. She admited the letter is indeed from Capital One, but claimed it may have been sent to me due to an error by a customer service representive because the account is to reported until May 2014. The main reason for my disputing of this account is that Capital One has made a mistake on the date of my last payment and therefore has set the inccorect DOFD. I have proof of my last payment, and Capital doesn't. Capital One continues to deny making any error on this account, and yet I received a deletion letter from Capital One as a result of an error by Capital One. Isn't that Ironic? Should I accept that letter as an error and fold my tail? What should I do?

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Save all of your evidence. Go apply for credit. If credit is denied and they use the reporting error as a basis to either deny credit or offer less favorable terms, then you may have a cause of action. Use a lawyer who is a member of this network to help you.