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Can a convicted felon get joint custody?

Hesperia, CA |

My ex boyfriend wants to get joint custody of our 18 month daughter. He is a ex felon and is no longer on probation. He has several unpaid speeding tickets which we believe have resulted in a bench warrant, and is unemployed. He wants to have equal amount of time through custody. I will agree to weekends but not equal amount of time unless the court orders it. Does he have a chance at it?

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The test is the best interests of the child and the presumption is that contact with both parents is in those interests. When one parent has problems , however, substance abuse or criminality to name a few, the Courts will shy away from awarding joint custody. Often the solution is to let the miscreant parent have supervised visitation every week or so until he/she demonstrates that he can be trusted. There are agencies that supervise these visits and report to the courts. You should have a lawyer for custody matters and he will probably suggest supervised visitation unless you are already prepared to give more.

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