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Can a congress person investigate a federal crime.

Odessa, TX |

I contacted my congress person about an issue that was criminal which involved ADA and other federal issues. I wrote a letter to the congressman's office while in custody but the congressman's staff failed to respond. When I was released I wrote/contacted the congressman's office and the response was outdated. I was informed by the congressman's office that my problem had been taken care and I was getting the needs met. The letter was written to me as if I was still in custody. The congressman's staff was not aware that I had been released even though my letter was mailed from a local address. It appears that the congressman's office failed to truly investigate the issue and was shocked when I said I had been released. I still haven't received an intelligent response. What can I do.

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A representative can investigate essentially anything, but if you think that a criminal act has occurred, you would be wiser to take it to law enforcement.

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