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Can a complaint for civil trespass include vandalism charges? Must vandalism be dealt with through police?

Woodstock, MD |

I live in Maryland. Cable company had to run lines across property of several neighbors in order to give me service. Cable people have been very slow to bury lines. Neighbors are complaining. One neighbor entered my property & intentionally disconnected cable, broke connection equipment. No Internet for 3 days now, which is how I receive & submit work. Wage loss involved. What can I sue neighbor for?

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Your damages.

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You can sue neighbor for trespass, plus damages as a result of losing internet for 3 days. You would do this is District Court.

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Thank you, Mr. Sheinin. This is the information i was seeking.


You can sue your neighbor for trespass and intentional interference with a contractual relationship. However, there may be a proof problem with regard to establishing that your neighbor cut the wire. Do you have a witness that saw him do it? Obviously, you should call the cable company and get them to reconnect the lines and refund the pro rata charges for the days you did not have internet.



Thanks. Yes, the neighbor admitted it and even sent text to say he would reconnect, but he pulled it again next day. Security cam has pix of first incident. I will definitely include interference w/cable contract. Thanks!

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