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Can a company force my husband to sign a contract for employment?

Orlando, FL |

My husband lost his job and with the economy the way it is, decided to go back into trucking. A company offered to place him into their refresher course they paid for a ticket up to their facility and he has now been over the road for 2 months with them. They asked him to sign a 8 month employment contract on the spot without offering any legal representation, he put his name but did not sign they called him today and said he has to sign it asap and get it back over. Does he have to sign it when there is no way for him to have an attorney look it over? He asked him to send it to his home so he can have someone look it over but they want it back NOW?

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Unfortunately, continued employment is valid consideration for an employment contract in Florida. If they gave him a copy, he should try to get an attorney to review it ASAP before he signs it so he understands what he's agreeing to. If he signs, the courts won't take as an excuse that he didn't understand it.