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Can a commercial landlord press criminal charges when the building is in forclosure and there are new tenants and you are out???

Hernando, FL |

I had a commercial property and the landlord leased the space to someone else while I still had not been legally evicted by the courts now he is pressing criminal charges against me for equiptment damage when I wasn't even there he changed the locks and gave access to the new tenants and to top it all off the building was in foreclosure and the new tenants were on file with the forclosure on 3/2013 and these charges weren't brought up against me until 6/2013 is any of this even legal????

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Hernando, this sounds like a complicated situation, and an emotionally draining one. It is important here to take a step back, prioritize, and figure out what exactly you are looking for. If the landlord has filed charges against you (has he or she also filed a civil suit against you?), you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney ASAP and can find one on this site. Is the landlord's eviction suit against you still pending? If you are interested in fighting the eviction suit or counter-suing the landlord for wrongful eviction, I'd recommend consulting with a landlord/tenant attorney so he or she can advise you regarding the eviction suit, possible defenses, and potential claims against the landlord. You can also find a landlord/tenant attorney on this site. I wish you the best. Hope this helps.


Yes, he can. If he does, retain a criminal defense lawyer.
If you want to sue him for wrongful eviction, and if you have any damages from the eviction, hire a civil lawyer to consider the matter.

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