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Can a college withhold a college transcript after including fines in bankruptcy?

Jackson, MS |

I was taking graduate courses and receiving student loans. One semester I registered for two classes. One of the classes was cancelled by the college due to not enough students registering for the class. There was no other class I could take that semester so I ended up with just one class. The school charged me for the class since I wasn't eligible for student loans. I tried paying this class off, but the college kept adding more and more fees. In the end the college wanted over $4000 for just that one class. It was included in bankruptcy, however, the college still will not release my transcript. Do I have to pay the balance before I can get my transcript? If not, what do I need to do to get the transcript?

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Sounds like a violation of the discharge. Best to back to your bk lawyer. If he does not do bk adversaries, well now you have the key word to find a bk attorney who can help. Chuck Newton in the Woodlands Texas is very good, but I am not sure if he goes to your state.

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