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Can a college student be dis-qualified from grants ,loans and aid, because he was adopted. ?

Stockton, CA |

17 year old high school grad., applied for aid online through, FASFA (free ap for federal student aid), and was approved. Student enrolled in heald college and financial aid was completed and accepted. student has since been informed that, since he was adopted. the aid is suspended. Parent had meeting with finacial aid manager, and was re asured that, the student only needed to complete a statement that, since he was legally adopted, he and only he would apply for future financial aid, if needed. and parents were not needed for any future aid for school. Student was again informed, that aid was suspended. My contention is, Heald College has inposed a Moral and dicriminatory measure on the student. This is illigal, discriminatory and detrimental to the student.

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If the student was legally adopted, then this should not be a problem. The student should be to able apply and receive grants, loans, or aid just like any other non-adopted student. A school cannot not discriminate based upon your adoption status.