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Can a citation for possession of paraphernalia be expunged if fine was paid?

Silver Spring, MD |

Marijuana paraphernalia if that matters (cigar). Ordered to pay a fine. Only a citation. No arrest , no booking, just a citation was issued. Also when I looked at case details it says guilty.

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Not if the final verdict and disposition was guilty. But if you act quickly enough, we may be able to change that, and you have a couple of options.

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If you were found guilty, this conviction cannot be expunged. However, you can file a Motion to Modify within 90 days of the conviction and ask that the conviction be converted to probation before judgment and keep your record clean. If you had an attorney, you should contact them to do it. If you represented yourself, you should consider hiring an attorney. If the conviction is stricken and probation before judgment is entered, you would be eligible for expungement three years later. This is important because potential employers will be able to see the conviction online and could jeopardize your job prospects.

Contact an attorney right away.

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Convictions may not be expunged. More information about expungement can be found at

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