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Can a citation be nullified if mis-written in Nebraska?

Kearney, NE |

A police officer gave me a ticket recently for not driving with a valid drivers license, however he neglected to write a compensation amount payable to the DMV nor did he check the box "Must appear in court". Does this mean I have to appear in court, or can I still pay it off? Or does the mis-writing void the ticket?

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The mistake made by the police officer is generally not fatal. You may be able to waive your appearance depending on the charge. Some of these offenses carry jail time, or under the city ordinance, may carry jail time. You should clarify what the charge is and what the penalty is. You should be able to do this by contacting the city or county attorney in your local.
If this is a warning, you must provide proof of the appropriate correction within 10 days of the citation in order to avoid a possible ticket.
Finally, if you were given a court date, unless the offense is waiverable, you must appear. Your failure to do so can result in an additional charge or the revocation of your license.
You can go to the court site at to check to see if the charge on your ticket is listed on the waiver schedule and the amount you must pay, court costs, plus sign and return your ticket.