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Can a car dealership take a car back after you signed a contract

Philadelphia, PA |

The Car Dealership say that now that I was unemployed as i signed the contract that it has to ask for the car back because I have no proovable income

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This answer depends on the stage that the transaction has reached. If you have not LOST anything except some of your time (i.e./ they did not CRUSH your vehicle like they did Chevy Chase's station wagon in "Vacation", then you likely have no claim.

Sounds like an overanxious salesman, needing a commission, spoke to soon, but did not have the authority to BIND the company.


Once the Financing Agreement is signed, the deal is completed. As long as you comply with the terms of the Financing Agreement (make timely payments, provide insurance coverage, etc.), the dealership CANNOT take the car back. Even attempting to do so is a violation of the Pennsylvania consumer protection statute, which allows you to sue the dealership for your actual losses and statutory damages. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in the automobile industry and is often referred to as a "yo-yo sale."

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