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Can a car be reported stolen if borrowed?

Phoenix, AZ |

My ex sister in law let my mom borrow her vehicle to pick up her kids from school, take them to practice, etc. a few days ago she got mad at my brother and sent her sisters for the car. my mom txtd her and told her she will only give the car to her and to get it the next day. The police came to the house and put their hands on my mom because she told them they couldn't force themselves in the house. How can I find out if the car was reported stolen for them to have probable cause and come in the house without permission?

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First, I strongly suggest that you contact an experienced local criminal defense attorney. Secondly, to be considered larceny, one must generally have the intent to permanently deprive someone of the item. Most jurisdictions have a lesser offense of unauthorized use for cases where you had to intent to permanently drive or when you exceed the scope of the original loan.