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Can a car be impounded and put on a 30 day hold if the driver had a suspended license even though there was a licensed driver to

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My mom's friend was driving her car with a suspended license and got pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign, my mom was in the car at the time she is the registered owner of the car and has a valid license. The cops told her they were impounding the car and it could be picked up the next day. They gave her false information about where to go to pick up the release and when she received the right information she was told there was a 30 day hold on the car. Was I wrong in assuming that if there is a licensed driver in the car it wouldn't be put on the 30 day hold?

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Yes the police can impound the vehicle for 30 days because the driver had a suspend license. Your mom could have been charged with a misdemeanor as well for letting someone drive her vehicle if she knew that person’s license was suspended. It is never a good idea to lend someone your car especially if their license is suspended.
Robert Driessen

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Your assumption is incorrect. A car can be impounded if the driver has a suspended license. Call wtach commander of impounding police agency about getting car released. You must deal with citation for suspended license- and reason behind it. Get an attorney.

Andrew Roberts