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Can a breach of contract be filled against a health care center

Elephant Butte, NM |

My health provider thru me out and said they were no longer treating me , but i have a copy of a contract signed with them that they ignored

The contract stated if i was to be taken off of narcotics they would slowly reduce and then stop , or offer non narcotic medicine . They did neither of these , they told me they were no longer writing for nartocics and that was all . They then asked if i even wanted to see a doctor once a nurse told me that

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There are many more facts that are needed to give an answer. Some of these are:

What does the contract say about treatment? Is the contract with the hospital or a payor (insurance company)? Who is the payor, Medicare?

I am licensed in New Mexico and Pennsylvania, and therefore any discussion of issues related to other states must considered within that context. In addition, my comments are not intended to create a legal representation but merely to respond to the limited facts presented by the question. Any opinion herein is not meant as a precise statement of legal rights or as a recommendation of any particular course of action. A more complete legal review can be obtained through local counsel.


If the provider's status changed as to their ability to prescribe, that would be a viable defense to a breach of contract suit. The details should be discussed with an attorney.

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