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Can a biological father have a childs biological mother declared unfit

Verona, NJ |

The biological mother has been convicted of DUI arrested for drugs and uses drug. Currently lives with her mother who is also a heavy drinker and abuses prescription medications.I am the biological father and have no means to support the child either does the mother can she be declared unfit and the child placed in foster care. to give the child a chance at having a life

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Dear Verona,

To do that, you have to call the police or call DYFS (division of youth and family services) and they have to decide to want to to that. If they do, your in good shape for foster care, if they do not, then no. There is probably a better chance of success if the police call DYFS. Then DYFS is more on the spot to act. Sometimes they look to extended family for long term legal guardianship. Are there any other family members willing to step up to the plate to take this child?

Your child is in a very difficult situation.

Aniello D. Cerreto, Esq.


Agreed that the first place to go is DYFS.

If you can provide a better home, there are (as you probably already know) myriad of social services available, from food stamps to emergency support.