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Can a beneficiary get full disclosure as to value of Estate and how money was spent from executor/executors attorney

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petiton for discharge as executor of estate has been signed already. Executor remodeled my deceased fathers house with money from estate then said he would buy house for less than value or spend more estate money and let it sit on market for his price, never saw any values for mothers jewelry, no idea what was in bank , some cash I received was from IRA which I did not know about at time, so just paid large amount of taxes, do not about insurance or anything .my brother told me very little, I received 40% supposedly and him 60%

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Not sure what you mean when you say that the petition for discharge has been signed. If you are saying that the court has already granted the petition, you may be too late. If you simply mean that the efxecutort has already signed ht epetition and filed it, you woudl file an objection to the petition and then you would file a request for an accounting,


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In general, as the beneficiary of an estate, you should have had rights to receive information concerning assets which passed through the estate. If the executor has already been discharged by the court, you may be too late in trying to exercise those rights. If not, and if the executor has not been willing to provide you with requested information, you should consult an attorney to determine what your rights are and see if you can get the information from the executor without having to go to court and formally request it. Many times executors who are not willing to provide an individual beneficiary with information are more willing to do so when the beneficiary hires a lawyer.