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Can a bank be held responsible for costs caused by negligent misrepresentation during a debit card dispute.

Columbus, OH |

I will not have a problem proving the negligent acts. I have incurred delays and costs caused by their failure to follow the proper procedures in the dispute.

This was a credit card, not debit as stated.

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The major problem with your potential claim is the expense of pursuing it may very well far exceed whatever recovery you are legally entitled to recover. Unless you could prove conduct that was fraudulent or intentional [you describe it as "negligent"], and/or that represented a continuing course of conduct involving many other debit card holders such that a class action could be filed, it is probably not economically feasible to pursue such a case.



I will try to find out if the other party in the dispute is a customer of the offending bank. That would make every action they have taken understandable and intentional also. Thank You!


This is not a personal injury question. I have reclassified your post so that hopefully you get answers from the appropriate lawyers.



Thank you. I am confused on how it was listed under that heading.


This is not a personal injury question.

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