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Can a attorney ad item speak for a child at trial ? There is a trial in May 2013 ?

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But keep this in mind: if you want an attorney ad litem to be appointed, you have to pay for them. They cost money. A judge will be hesitant to appoint one if a social study's already been done. If you're going to pay for an attorney ad litem, YOUR interests (not the child's interest) would be best served by taking the money for an attorney ad litem and hiring your own attorney. If you have an attorney, you should be discussing this with them.


Yes they can.


An Attorney Ad Litem acts as an attorney on behalf of the child and represents the child's wishes. This ad litem is NOT a witness and cannot "testify" but otherwise acts as an attorney. If a guardian ad litem is appointed, this ad litem is permitted to make recommendations on behalf of the best interests of the child, which may or may not be the actual wishes of the child. Speak to a family law attorney for more information as to the difference. Ad litems are given great deference with the court.

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