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Can a AS7 green card holder renew her national passport and travel abroad?

New York, NY |

I hold a GC based on asylum status which was given to me through my husband. I was a dependent in the case and do not fear of being prosecuted in the COP. I want to travel abroad (not COP) but I want to use my national passport because its easier in terms of visas. Can I renew it at the consulate and then travel without any consequences?

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Yes, you definitely can since you are only the derivative asylee and not the principal applicant. I would also urge you, however, to apply for a Refugee Travel Document.

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Your post raises several issues. Some of those where addressed by my colleagues in previous posts. Other issue would be whether you risk to loose your passport if you "avail" yourself of the protections of the country from which you got a refugee status. Even a derivative refugee status. Well. You do run this risk. Whether to take the risk is up to you, but it is out there.

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Probably you ment to loose status, not passport? Is there a law that forbids derivative asylees use their NP?


Yes, you can. Also, in some instances, the actual asylee can return to their country of origin. Consult an attorney, however.


Yes, you can renew at the consulate in NY. If you have had your GC for 5 years, I suggest you look into Naturalizing so you don't have to worry about maintaining your US legal permanent residency.

Best of luck.

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