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Can a Adult be charged for a crime he committed as a minor?

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If a minor committed rape on a person, the person did not press charges but the police are aware of it, can the minor be tried or charged with rape as soon as he turns 18? or at all? Even if the victim doesn't want anything to happen to them? Evidence has been collected, police are aware but documents where not signed for charges. Please this is very important.

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The answer is yes, you could be charged as a juvenile or as an adult as long as the statute of limitations has not run.


Yes. There are a lot of issues in your question. The victim may also be a minor and therefore her parents would be the individuals making a determination on whether charges should be brought. Even if they do not want to have formal charges the prosecutor make think it is appropriate. Be careful, and do not talk to any law enforcement without an attorney. They may try not be truthful and say the sex happened against the victim's will and hope that the defendant will say it was consensual. Sometimes they are only looking for the person to admit to the sex. Which is enough to prove a crime in some cases.

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In Florida, the State Attorney's office has the discretion to charge cases as an adult. This area has among the highest "direct filing" rates in the state. The State Attorney Angela Corey has stated numerous times that she wants to aggressively prosecute violent juveniles as adults, and this is legal and her perogative. However, juvenile sanctions can still be considered by the court as an appropriate punishment. Even if sentenced as an adult, youthful offender desiginations are possible.

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