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Can a 21 year old get introuble for getting a 17 yr old pregnant

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This is a criminal issue. If the defendant is more than 3 years older than a minor they can charge it as a felony.

This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.


Yes, sounds like a felony to me.Unless they were married. Other states differ, this concerns Calif only. Here's a link not intended as legal advice but just FAQ

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Everything the above attorneys say is correct. But they failed to say that authorities usuallly do NOT file charges in these cases, assuming that the sex was consensual and not rape, because their child needs financial support (especially if mom is 17), and sending dad to jail or prison will effectively prevent father from paying child support.

Dad should retain an attorney (me), before hearings begin, to try to feel what the police, and DA feel about this case, and try to smooth over things to reduce the chance of criminal charge being filed against father

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Michael John Harrington


Thank you, good info!

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