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Can a 17 year old minor be arrested without his parents being notified?

Pittsburgh, PA |

My nephew was at a friends and they went out to the car to listen to a new tape he had as soon as he started the car officers rushed the car handcuffed him. Took him to the police station in the mean time I was out looking for him ( it was unusual for him to be out that late) his Mom was calling all his friends. But they had him at the police station did not contact his Mother that they had him even took him to the hospital for a blood test she still was not contacted. They droped him off at my house at 1 AM with very little explanation of what happened I asked the officer why his Parent were not contacted he said I dont have to. One officer threathen to hit him in the face now they are trying to charge him with a DUI hes only 17. and when they arrested him they did not read him his mirand

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He may have defenses, but not notifying his parents or taking him into custody without a parent is not one of them. He does need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent him.




YES. Your question has a lot of sub questions; your nephew needs to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If his parents can't afford to hire an attorney they should apply for a public defender immediately. Your nephew should not speak about tthis to anyone until he has spoken to a lawyer. Good luck.


yes but you may have some legal issues as a defense that are worth reviewing with an attorney such as probable cause, etc.

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