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Can a 17 year old in Texas, be take to regular jail, and go before the Magistrate without a parent.

Odessa, TX |

My niece was taken to regular County jail for possessing pain medication tha was not hers, and the other person admitted to the prescription being hers. THey called the parents on the other girl, but my neice was taken to regular jail for 15 hrs and went before a Magistrate without her parent.

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This is not a Family Law/Child Custody question. You need to ask a criminal lawyer this question.

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In Texas, people aged 17 or older are considered adults for purposes of criminal charges. So in this case, the proper procedure would be to arrest the defendant, book them into the county jail, and bring them before a magistrate. There is no need to contact the parents.

I would suggest getting your niece a decent criminal lawyer to get her the best outcome possible.

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