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Can a 16 year old child decide which parent to live with under NC child custody laws

Tobaccoville, NC |

I have a 16 year old daughter she lives with her father, I signed over my rights 2 years ago and she was adopted by my x husband wife, my daughter no longer wants to live there they are really hard on her. She wants to come and live with me. What can I do does she have a say so she is 16 years old I'm very stable and she has a room where I live there are 2 other children there also but they are 12 and 14 and from what I understand by law, the papers that I signed I cant touch them until they are 16. Can she move out at 16 and come and live with her real mother.

He is mental abusing her, shes don't allow to talk to me she cant sit with me in church, please help I need help really bad I'm scared that my daughter is going to end up running away and getting pregnant if I don't get her out of there. Someone please help me!! She is a slave when she lives shes not allowed to go any where or do anything, she came to me for help I can give her a stable place to live. She wants to run away now and I'm trying to talk her out of it. What do I do???? So one out there help me please

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