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Can, if ever, a convicted sex offender live with and hold a role as a father with his own children?

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The S.O. commited the offense in 2000. He had sex with a minor who was portraying themselves to be over 18. She got pregnant and later had an abortion. He served a 5 year sentence and ever since has been on probation. He is just now petitioning the court to go on maintenance (whatever that means). He wants to marry and have children of his own soon. Will he be able to be around his own children?

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If he can get off lifetime probation he will be allowed to be around his own children. If he can not get his lifetime probation terminated then he will have to seek the approval of the court or his probation officer to have contact with any children, including his own. Some people are successful in getting off lifetime probation if they complete their counseling and do well on a risk assessment. However, the soonest we have ever been able to get anyone off lifetime probation has been after they ahve completed about 7 years of probation. The facts of each case are different though and many times it takes much longer to get off lifetime probation.


If he stays out of trouble, this is a possibility. But it will be up to his probation officer to decide whether he will be granted unfettered contact with any children of his own that might be born.

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