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Can i get conservatorship or guardianship over my adult son affair and get social security to appoint me his payee again

Tallassee, AL |

i have been my son ssi payee for 14 year when he turn 21 he change his payee to a girl he met for 1 month without me knowing over a month he has lost so much weight look sickly as if he on drugs he never has any money i thing she is using his ssi check what can i do social security told me he's an adult what can i do before she talk him in to marrying her it not about his money my husband retirement take care of me it about his health and mental condition over a month time it look as if he lost 30 lb he is so thin i am worry that she got him on drugs she is much older 28 year old has 2 little boy i ask him why don't he have money she said he was not allow by ssi to give him any money i know that is not true what can i do

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It is possible to get a conservatorship of your son if his medical condition require this kind of supervision but the process is complex and costly. You should talk to a local Probate Attorney that handles conservatorships and discuss the matter with them.

For the Rep Payee, I would start with contacting Social Security and notifying them of your concerns in the local field office and asking what your options are at this point. They need to determine what is best for your son.


I agree with Mr. Gowen. If you have proof that she is misusing the funds as the rep payee, you should contact your local field office. Rep payees, as I am sure you know, are required to keep track and account for what the money is spent on in case SSA inquires.
They are located at 63 Aliant Parkway, Alexander City, AL 35010 (1-877-405-0483).
If you have no proof of wrongdoing, you can still voice your concerns but I do not know if that will be enough.
Unfortunately, because he is an adult, he can ask that the rep payee be changed BUT the field office is in control of appointing the rep payee.


Is your adult son mentally disabled? If so, you may be able to contact the local mental health counsel to ask for further advice and assistance with getting him access to care/services. If they are involved, there is less chance this woman will have as much influence in his decisions. I agree with my other colleagues- contact the local office and advise them of your concerns.

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