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Can i add my maiden name to my bank account that is under my married name?

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I am a naturalized citizen, in my country of origin when a woman gets married adds her husband's last name but keeps the maiden name first, for example if her name was Rosa Perez and she gets married to a man called Juan Ramos, her new name will be Rosa Perez de Ramos, can i do the same here in US

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Yes. After you get married you will need to change your name through the Social Security office. When you fill out the paperwork put in the new name that you want.


Make sure to review the requirements from the Social Security Administration. You will likely need to bring in some sort of picture ID with your maiden name and then a certified copy of your marriage license. Please note, however, that if you want to add a hyphen (Perez-Ramos instead of Perez de Ramos) this will require to file an official petition of name change in the courts. Also, once you have changed your name, make sure that you change other identifying documentation such as your driver's license and passport. This will require you to go to the department of motor vehicles as well as obtain a new passport. Good luck!

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The short answer is yes but I would recommend contacting Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to make sure what documents may be needed to make the change. Best of luck to you.

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