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Camping in Wisconsin, can I sue the Park Rangers for harassment at the campground?

Eau Claire, WI |

We went camping and had numerous visitors visit our site. They loaded/unload coolers/chairs- Each time during this process the Park Rangers visited and asked us to move the 3rd vehicle. We have done so per their request and never received a ticket. One evening someone lit off fireworks near the campground and assumed it was us (in which it was not). And since then constantly wrote up tickets on our last day for the 3rd vehicle. One was while we were sleeping- at approx. 9:45am. We parked the vehicle there to load up gear in the morning. Then we didn't notice the ticket until 10:30 when another ranger stopped and informed us to move asap. Within 15 mins they stopped by again, just as were about to move the car after packing into the lot, even blocked our exit and proceeded to write anothe

We had to have more than one vehicle at the site in order to pack up our gear. We had over 5 tents with air mattresses, and tons of chairs clothes, etc. We decided to at least load up one car before moving one of the vehicles. I tried explaining this to the ranger but still proceeded to write the ticket. I told him that we were just about to move the cars until he blocked our exit, the vehicles were started and ready to go. AFter the ranger left, i followed and noticed that he not once did stop at another site, it was just for ours alone.

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The Park Rangers are likely immune from suit. If the only harassment is writing citations for the third vehicle, which it appears is not allowed according to park rules, then you don't have a suit

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They knew that we were going to be upset fpr writing another ticket. After they already issued the 2nd ticket as we were leaving the ranger stopped us once again to discuss the issue. She already knew we were angry and already called the sheriff, she wouldn't stop till I walked away


Yee Gods, follow the rules. I am from Wisconsin and have made over 1 thousand special appearances there. It ain't that tough.



We followed the Rules, each time we loaded and unloaded the cars we moved them. They didn't start issueing tickets till we were packing to leave.



Also, the Rules are no more than two cars parked per site, they weren't parked, it was started and in drive until the ranger blocked us in making it impossible to put it in the lot

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