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Calling up a bank and finding activity on someone else's account

Los Angeles, CA |

I have an account number and social security number of someone who owes me money. I can access his info using the toll free bank number. Is this legal ? I live in one state and the other person lives in another. I have no intention of stealing but need to know his "activity" in order to confront him Thank you.

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No, without his permission, this is not legal and can subject you to serious civil and criminal penalties. If somebody owes you money, you need to pursue judgement in court (small claims if the amount is small enough) or pursue other legal collection methods. You may want to speak with a debt collection attorney to assist you in this endeavor.

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Are you a merchant? If so, merchant services at your bank may be able to tell you if a check in your possession would clear processing. You can't get bank account activity info using someone's account number and social security number unless you have written signed permission to do so and then you are only able to acquire credit report info, not bank account info. Using a phone line to access account information at a bank across state lines is not a game you want to play. Confronting someone to pay you money is difficult. I recommend that you contact your debtor and let him/her know you expect to get paid and that you will work out a payment plan with interest. Draw up a payment agreement, like a formal loan/promissory note. If a payment is missed proceed directly to court for enforcement and a judgment. Then you may purse other collections remedies like wage garnishment. Good luck.

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