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California Unemployment Insurance Claim question

Cupertino, CA |

I have 2 questions regarding EDD UI eligibility;

Question 1) The biweekly claims form asks a question "Did you work or earn any money, whether you were paid or not? In the box below they list the types of payment - self-employment being one of them.
My question is whether rental income needs to be declared, and especially if the rental property is owned jointly with a spouse?

In other words, does UI have anything to do with rental income received on a property owne jointly with spouse?

Question 2) If I sign release of all claims with my terminating empoyer, I am eligible for a severance payout which I understand will be made in 2 installments. Will this eliminate my UI claim? Will the elimination of claim be limited only to the weeks the severance was paid as lump sum?

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Attorney answers 1


Don't sign any forms without first talking /w an experienced attorney in your area. You may want to call your local bar assn. attorney referral service.