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California state lottery

Olalla, WA |

I am a California state lottery winner. I opened a busness and assigned most of my winnings. The busness has lost and I am now looking for work. I still have the last three years left but California does not let you assign them for tax reasions. There is over 500,000 left and if I can't use it to get out of debt untell I get work, I will be on the street with my family. Need help fast

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Attorney answers 1


California lottery winnings cannot be legally assigned except by court order. Did you (or the lender) obtain a court order? If not, the assignment is not valid. Assuming you did assign your winnings with a valid court order, I don't think there is any way you can get the final three years' payments in advance. You cannot use those last three years as collateral for a loan or an advance. Speak with a qualified Washington bankruptcy attorney to find out whether bankruptcy will help with your situation.

If, by any chance, you assigned your lottery winnings without a court order, you have other options. I am including a link below to California's law on lottery assignments.