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California State Bar - how will I know......???

San Jose, CA |

I have given this atty since 4/1/11 to return the remainder of my unused fully refundable retainer fee ($2500). I challenged his bill (caught in a lie re: phone call) now he has taken that completely off, & found "other things" to chg me for (my original refund amt was $1812- today he sent a check for $1762). Still NO paperwork (which is the bulk of his bill)..what a crook... I am NOT going to cash his joke of a check..this man is a liar & the most unethical person I have ever dealt with. Sorry to go on - I am furious. When & how does the Ca. State Bar let me know what they are doing to deal with this? (I filed 6/ 13) Do I now send them another letter w/my new info? WHERE IS ALL THE SUPPOSED "WORK" HE CHARGED ME $500 FOR? I think he never did it. I want ALL my money back now. HELP-

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Check with the State Bar as to the status of your claim. You can also take the attorney to Small Claims Court for the balance that he owes you. Write a letter to the attorney (Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested) asking for an accounting. You can also demand Fee arbitration under the local bar association rules. Check with the local bar association in San Jose for the forms.

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You can check with the State Bar regarding the status of their investigation. Normally, it takes a least one month before you will hear back from them, but it depends upon how soon the attorney responds to the State Bar Investigator's inquiry.

In the meanwhile, you do have the options of either suing in small claims court or demanding fee arbitration with your local bar association.

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