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California sales tax

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am Canadian. I bought a powerboat in FL and would like to cruise it back to Victoria BC Canada. I had 90 days to get the boat out of FL and change the reginstration to Canadian in order to avoid a sales tax there. Then I called San Diego customs to understand how I could get a cruising permit in order to spend some time cruising in California before going up to coast to Canada. I was told the boat has to be out of US waters at least 6 months before I can get a cruising permit as a Canadian and if not, I could be charged sales tax in California. Is that true? Feedback from any tax lawyers appreciated.

I reside in Victoria BC Canada and plan on spending 6-7 months in California before going north to Victoria.

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Sales tax and multi-state sales tax rules are often confusing. California can be a greedy state. Unfortunately, you failed to give one important piece of information needed to answer your question. Where to you reside ? Do you ordinarily spend any significant time each year in California ?

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The sale happened in FL, so the Board of Equalization couldn't charge you any sales tax. It could be that they are saying that you would be charged a use tax. If you are a California resident, they could charge you that use tax since the purpose of the use tax is to collect tax on property purchased out of state and brought into the state. If you stay in CA more than 120 days, you may have to register the boat with the DMV if the boat is primarily used on CA waterways during that period. You just wouldn't owe a use tax because you don't have a CA county of residence to calculate the tax rate.

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