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California Law Looking for answer to: Personal Injury Attorney contingent fees and much more. Please read.

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In Augest of this year mother found out she was dieing and had little time left. The case surrounded Methoseiloma. A law firm picked up the case right away on a contingency fee Retainer. ( Does that Contingency Fee Retainer) pass on? What I mean is, she died very fast, the Law firm changed the Personal Injury Case to wrongful death. Does her signature still apply for the Retainer Agreement or now that it is a wrongful death case, and there are only 3 people who would be heirs, or plaintiffs, does the Law Firm In the state Of California need to have all 3 signatures of the now plaintiffs. I was told that her will didn't say how proceeds were to be split, and that they are still trying to find out if there are other heirs out there which there are not. I have not signed a thing.

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The law firm can only represent you in a wrongful death case if you agree. You can obtain your own attorney. Your siblings can be represented by the same attorney you hire or by different attorneys.


Yes you will need an experienced attorney to represent you because of the personal injury/wrongful death/probate matters. You should review the retainer agreement yourself or have an another attorney review it to ensure that your mother's interests as well as your siblings' interest are protected. Good luck!



That was kind of my question. I have no retainer agreement.. So I assumed they were using the one that my mother signed before she passed away. I


You are not stuck with that lawyer. You can retain a new one. You can read about mesothelioma cases on my website.

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