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California landlord tenant law, homeowners right to renting a room

Lancaster, CA |

I would like to know my legal rights to renting a room without a written contract and if the tenants move out in june and leave all their belongings behind and are not paying anything to store them do I have to hold them and for how long?

My tenant's rent is due on the 15th of every month for 30days. My tenant wanted to pay the months rent at the end of the month instead of the 15th. She told me this on the 17th. I told her that she cannot push the due date without having a conversation with me and that we both agree to this arrangement. I have text her about the plans for the room and have received no response. Today is the 22 of March what are my options: and what I am suppose to do to re-rent out the room

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Thanks for using Avvo. I am an Avvo Staff Moderator. To read more about our moderation team, follow the link below. Our current question volume may increase the response times of our loyal Avvo lawyer-answerers. My goal is to give you some preliminary information and guidance regarding your legal situation while you wait for an attorney in your area to respond.

The resources I have linked to are excellent resources for CA landlord tenant relations and should answer your questions. If you want to confirm with a CA lawyer to make sure you are in compliance with CA law you can look one up here on Avvo (some of whom give free consultations) or contact your local lawyer referral service.

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