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CA laws: I signed an exclusive listing with broker to sell residential property . Now I want more $. 1-May ask for more ...

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then the listing price? 2--If the real estate broker does not want to increase the listing price, may I unilaterally cancel this listing without owing commission to the broker for the past listing?

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The listing belongs to you. You can demand that the price be increased. The realtor is your agent - As the principal you can direct your agent to raise the price.

However, realtors perform a market analysis to determine what is the best price to set in order to sell your house. The price is based on what similarly situated homes i n or near your community sold for. So, unless you have reason to believe that the analysis performed by the realtor is wrong, I would be careful about pricing your home out of the market.

I am not a CA attorney, laws vary from state to state, therefore you should always consult a local attorney.

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Check your listing agreement. Does it allow you to set the price? If it states that the price will be listed at a certain price and the broker finds a buyer at that price, you may have to pay the broker's commission even if you refused the sale.

Remember the broker wants to sell the house at the highest possible price, just like you do.


Typically, you would not owe the commission unless the the agent finds a ready, willing, and able full price purchaser (with no contingencies) at the original price. Hopefully your agent will work with you.


I concur with my colleagues. You may want to talk directly with one or two of the real estate attorneys listed above.

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