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CA landlord tenant laws, landlord's responsibility when rental unit has pests, termites

San Diego, CA |

Our landlord just told us we have to be out of our apartment for three days while they tent for termites. They told us they will prorate our rent and deduct three days off our rent for the time we will be out of the apartment. They are only giving us 2 1/2 weeks notice to be out. Do they have to pay for our living expenses for the days we are forced to be out? For example, our hotel and food?

same ques

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Thanks for using Avvo. I am an Avvo Staff Moderator. To read more about our moderation team, follow the link below. Our current question volume may increase the response times of our loyal Avvo lawyer-answerers. My goal is to give you some preliminary information and guidance regarding your legal situation while you wait for an attorney in your area to respond.

I suggest that you contact the California Department of consumer affairs. Here is a link to their webpage reagarding problem solving with your landlord. It also has contact information.