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CA Homeowners association liability if a common sewer pipe backs up 50 gallons of water into an a innocent unit, who is liablle?

Anaheim, CA |

for the repairs total 20k, The plumbers notes clearly indiacate the association to be the fault due to sanitary napkins and baby wipes in common line in the carport, the dirty water trashed the unit, the assoc did pay for the plumber but decided to ignore the liability issue.

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There are too many variables to give you a definitive answer. But first step is to ask the Association for the name of the insurance carrier and the policy number. Then start shopping for attorneys to prepare and submit the claim in its proper form to the carrior.

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You are right to press on with the issue. If you are correct that the backup was the fault of the HOA then they are liable to you for your damages. I suggest you find a local attorney who works in that field. Good Luck