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CA employment laws, employee's rights regarding work schedules

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I have a California labor law question. Is there a rule about how far in advance your work schedules need to be posted? I know someone who's boss won't make the schedule until the very last day. An example: This person will have their weekly schedule from Sunday Dec. 7 to Sat. December 13. On the 13th, his boss will make the schedule for the coming week and he will continue to do this for the following weeks.

Also, is there a law regarding pay raises. This person also hasn't recieved a pay raise in several years (he's been there 10 years) and he is making less than $9 an hour.

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The general answer to both of your questions is no.

Scheduling is at the discretion of the employer, as are pay raises. However, depending on your workplace's particular circumstances, this may vary. For example, you may have certain programs in place pursuant to a union contract. If that doesn't apply, the only restriction on these activities would be if they are somehow the product of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, and other legally protected classes.


There is no pay raise requirement.


Scheduling and pay raises are the discretion of the employer. Best advice...look for another job!

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