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CA EDD said my claim wasn't valid and wants repayment, yet they approved my claim. I did not get a hearing but a bill for 17K

Concord, CA |

The EDD says a claim I filed and which was approved by them in 2007 was not valid and they want repayment. I sent a letter to them within the alloted time for appeal and I disputed it. Since they approved my claim I assumed while I was collecting checks the claim was valid. They then said I would get a hearing for the appeal. I have not gotten a hearing, but they sent a bill for the $12K plus $5K in penalties. How can I now get a hearing and appeal this? I have no money. I plan to file bankruptcy for medical debt incurred while unemployed, if they decide I owe them, can I include it in Chapter 7? I made no false statements when I filed the claim and acted in good faith. I assumed everything was fine when the claim was approved by them and had no reason to think otherwise.

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Send them a letter telling them you dispute the debt, you have requested a hearing and will not pay before the appeal is heard. Your bankruptcy should discharge the debt unless they can show fraud.

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