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CA DUI law, would receiving a traffic infraction violate my DUI probation

Huntington Beach, CA |

I have about 5 months of probation remaining on a California dui. I recall a term of my probation stating that breaking the law could violate my probation. I was in a fender bender recently, no alcohol or drugs involved. There were no injuries. But I received a regular traffic citation for failing to yield to oncoming traffic while making a left turn. This wouldn't likely violate my dui probation would it?

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No, not if it is not a criminal offense.


This is not something you should worry about and do keep it to yourself - it is not a criminal offense - traffic tickets are civil offenses in California.

Good luck on the next 5 months!

Joshua Dale -


A uniform term of probation is to obey all laws.
Technically, violating the Vehicle Code, is a violation of that term.
But, given the circumstances you have described, it is a very minor matter.
Just do not get any more tickets. And DO take care of the ticket in a timely manner.


It is unlikely that a minor traffic violation, usually an infraction, would have any effect on probation.


The traffic offense should not be an issue as it relates to your probation based on the facts you have supplied in your question. Good Luck!


Based onn your description, absolutey not. You are good to go.


Receiving an infraction is not considered to be a probation violation. When the Court tells you to be of good conduct, don't drive without a license and insurance, obey all laws the Court realizes that from time to time people speed or run a stop sign. What they don't want you doing is committing another misdemeanor or felony, and this means driving under the influence or on a suspended license; although, any misdemeanor or felony could violate your probation. The Court usually never hears about your infractions unless they lead to misdemeanors because license gets suspended and you get caught driving. Make sure you pay your fine and show up in court or the DMV will suspend your license, and that may lead to a misdemeanor, but right now, from what you have said, you are fine.

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