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CA criminal law and domestic violence laws, enforcement of restraining orders

Compton, CA |

My son's father is in the Navy and is currently on deployment. Our son has recently had a first birthday party in July to which I invited my boyfriend. My son's father has had a problem with him being there. They have never met and my boyfriend has in no way, shape or form disrespected him, my son or myself. Ever since the birthday he has left me a voice mail stating that he will handle me and my lil boyfriend later. And has left a few emails that he will handle the situation when he gets back. He has also stated that he will deal with myself and my boyfriend separately. In order to protect my son, my boyfriend and myself I want to get a restraining order. He will be back from deployment in November. He also has a domestic violence case on him. Last year he chocked his girlfriend and took their son. So will I be able to obtain a restraining order for all of us?

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You can and should go get a restraining order from the court. You can go to the Family Law Facilitator's office at the courthouse located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles (Fourth Floor) and they will help you fill out the paperwork. There is no charge for this, and the court filing is also free. There might be a similar service in Compton, I'm just not sure. You can call them (the Compton Superior Court - ask for the family law or domestic violence clerk) to see if they offer this service. You should be able to get restraining orders to protect you, your child and anyone else living in your home. Good luck with this.


To add to what Mr. Waller advised above, be specific in your descriptions of the threats and past violence. Indicate the actual date of each threat if you can. If the threats are vague ("I'll take care of you"), be sure to include the context of the threat and why you believe it to be a threat. Good Luck and Stay Safe.

David C. Beyersdorf