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By marrying Cuban resident, how long I can get permanent residence?

Aliquippa, PA |

my girlfriend is Cuban resident in Arizona, in January 2013 we will be married, I will travel to Arizona as a tourist, I live in Peru, she acquired the residence for the visa lottery who perform in Cuba.
What procedures should I follow after marriage?

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If your girlfriend is a green card holder and acquired her green card through the DV lottery, then you will not have a visa number immediately available upon marrying her. A green card holder's spouse petition takes about 2.5 years to become current. This means that you will not be able to stay in the US to adjust your status. Depending on how long your girlfriend has had her green card, it may be wise for her to become a US citizen first, then file an immigrant petition for you. Good luck.

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thanks for the reply, it takes 17 years resident