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By michigan,after spending 22 straight years in prison,are you eligible for SSI?

Detroit, MI |

While incarcerated,bone spurs were removed from my little toes and my feet swelll and are constantly in pain,i injured my back while workig in food service

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If you are receiving SSI and you go to prison or jail, (this also includes correctional institutions, such as detention centers, halfway houses, boot camps, etc. but does not necessarily include home confinement) you are not eligible to receive SSI for any full calendar month you are incarcerated. In addition, we cannot pay any retroactive payments for benefits due before you were incarcerated. We will hold the retroactive payments until you contact SSA and provide proof that you are no longer a prisoner.

Please see our pamphlet, ‘What Prisoners Need to Know’, or view it online at if you want more information about how being in jail or prison affects your SSI benefits.

In most instances, you can apply for SSI benefits and food stamps several months before you expect to be released from prison or jail. See the SSI spotlight on the Prerelease Procedure.

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