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Business License/Incorporation requirement for startup

Seattle, WA |

I have registered a company in WA state and have gotten certificates and papers of incorporation. The paper mentions that next step would be to get the master business license and to avoid administrative dissolution business entity needs to pay license fee etc.But when i goto master business license website it asks questions like "What is first date of business? (defined as the day you started generating income) but since i just started the comapny i dont have any income and i am in startup mode, so i am wondering how can i avoid the administrative dissolution? this seems like a conflicting requirement.

second question is how soon you need to get the business license after you incorporate a business entity?


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Actually, you are in a good position to get this cleared up. For purposes of incorporating with the Sec. of State, you can select a date from the date of filing up to 90 days thereafter. But, it appears you have already incorporated, so you will simply need to pay any annual license fees that the Secretary of State imposes.

The Master Business License needs to be completed by the time you begin doing business. So, you should complete your application for a license by the time you begin performing a business function (selling a product, performing services, etc.).

If you have concerns about managing your business, a business attorney might be able to help. Best of luck.


You can put in today's date, the date you incorporated, or an estimated startup date. Don't worry about administrative dissolution. If the Sec of State contemplates doing that it will send you a notice and give you sufficient time to corredt whatever problem caused the notice.



In the future, I would recommend incorporating online with an online service provider, such as USA Corporate @