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Burglary and theft over 10,000.

Springfield, TN |

okay i have a question. i seem to be in some serious trouble, a couple of my "friends" broke into a school and stole 25 laptops. they then called me for a ride. even though they told me what they had done, i still gave them the ride. well next thing i know is im doing everything the cops say and cooperating. i tell the detective eveything. and that my "friend" gave me a laptop for "payment" so the detective said. so i go to court and i plead not guitly, because what im charged with, im not guilty of, burglary and theft over 10,000. this is the only time ive EVER been in trouble. so when i went to court this last time the district attorney came up and started talking to me abotu waiving my case to the grand jury. i asked him what i should do and he said i should waive it. but little did i know he was the prosecutor. what should i do?

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You need a criminal defense lawyer IMMEDIATELY. Under your state law, you may be as guilty as any participant. You also may be looking at prison time. If you cannot afford an attorney right away, you need to apply for a court-appointed attorney. More importantly, stop talking to ANYONE about this case. Only speak with your own attorney.

If you cannot locate one here on Avvo, try or You want someone who specializes in criminal defense with experience in the court system you will be in. Good luck.

Dan J. Weisenburger
Attorney at Law
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