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Brussels Griffon puppies bought from a Naples,Florida breeder.

Orlando, FL |

We purchased 2 puppies on 3/23/13 from a breeder. The male was born 12/22/12 and the female on 12/27/12. She had the first shots for both of these dogs on 3/21/13. The Boy weighted 2.8 lbs and the female weighed 3 lbs. We took them to our vet on 3/25/13 and did not request a Parvo test since her vet said they were healthy.. On 3/6 the girl became ill and we took her back to vet-strong positive for Parvo. On 3/11 the boy was taken to vet and he also tested strong positive for Parvo. We have not had the dogs outside the home or office and certainly not at a pet store or dog park. The Breeder said none of the other 8 puppies are sick and she says her vet said they were ok. I need to know what recourse we have against this breeder for the expenses of having both dogs at the Vet on IV drips.

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There are puppy lemon laws in most states and the magnuson moss consumer warranty act also applies in all states, IF a warranty was given. The FL unfair and deceptive practices act applies to consumer transactions too.

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Correction picked up 2/23/12


The so-called "puppy lemon law" is here: Whether or not you have a cause of action under the law I can't say. I suggest you speak with an attorney regarding your options.

If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.


The analysis begins with the contract. Did you sign a written contract and what is specifically provided under that contract? Did the breeder specifically exclude certain warranties? If you did not sign a contract, then warranties still apply. You need to consult with a local attorney.

This is not to be construed as legal advice. I do not have an attorney client relationship with you.

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