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Broke my leg when a neighbor dog chased me. what should I do?

Charlotte, NC |

Me & my husband went for a walk last evening inside our apartment premises. A lady let loose her dog when she parked her car and open the door to get down. the dog came chasing behind me & my husband and when it tried to jump on me, I moved back & got my ankles twisted and fell down. My sandals came out when I fell down & the dog started bitting it. The pet owner didn't try to catch the dog but was vocally shouting "Stop". She walked right in to her apartment (1st floor) & the dog followed her. She never apologized to me nor came back to check if I was ok. On falling down I got my ankle swollen and fractured my small finger (leg). Went to Urgent care and they took X-Ray & gave boot shoe and crutches to walk. I am asked to take rest & not to walk for 2 weeks. what legal action can I take?

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You can probably bring a claim against the dog's owner. Consult a local personal injury attorney..


You certainly should speak to a personal injury attorney about pursuing a claim against the owner.


Consult a local personal injury attorney - most offer free consultations. I am a California attorney not licensed or familiar with NC law. Her dog was not on a leash - contact attorney ASAP to protect your rights.

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.


Seek a consult with a personal injury attorney ASAP. You may have a claim against the dog owner and/or her homeowners insurance. Good luck.

The above is general information only and is not legal advice. The information provided does not form an attorney-client relationship, and should not be relied upon to take or refrain from taking any action. I am not your attorney until we sign a retainer agreement.


You can retain a personal injury lawyer in your state to investigate a claim.


You may have a claim. There are things that need to be investigated by an experienced local personal injury lawyer: (1) were there any prior incidents involving this dog that would have put the owner on notice of its dangerous propensities; and (2) are there any local laws or ordinances that require the dog to be on a leash or otherwise restrained.

This answer is for information purposes only, and does not establish and attorney client relationship. James Faucher is licensed to practice law in North Carolina only. You should always contact a local attorney to get location specific answers about the law.

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