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Brain damaged daughter

Lexington, KY |

My daughter suffered an aneurysm a few years back. Her husband has taken care of her all these years, but now he has a girl friend and has filed for divorce What are my daughters options. Will she have a court appointed lawyer to make sure she gets what is due her, or will he just keep everything?

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Court appointed lawyers come in criminal cases.

In this situation, you might contact a local bar association in Lexington to see if a referral attorney might take on the case.

Then once you get a referral contact the local lawyer for your daughter to discuss your specifics. Far too many variables exist in the short post you wrote for any further observation by me.

Good luck to you.

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I am not licensed in KY and can offer you only general advice. In additon to the information already posted, I wondered if your daughter had suffered a loss of mental capacity that prevents her from making her own decisions? If this is the case, you should certainly let any attorney that you consult know, as well as the Court since the husband has filed. If you daughter does not have capacity to make her own decisions, a guardian may have to be appointed. Bring these issues up when you speak to the Bar. Also, in some states there is a state run brain and spinal cord injury program. If such a program exists in KY you may also get some assistance in finding an attorney to help through that program.

Good luck
Betsey Herd
Tampa, Florida

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