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Boyfriend was supporting my home. Lease in my name. He was paying all the bills.he left. His stuff still here? Can I sue him?

Whitmore Lake, MI |

He told me and my children we were getting a new home. He said he was going to marry me. Now he leaves. Said he had a nervus breakdown. Says he can't talk. Said he was going through a divorce for 5 years because of financial. He is in a divorce but I think they have been back an forth .

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Divorces do not last 5 years. No judge would allow a divorce to stay on the docket that long. So, if he told you his divorce has been pending for 5 years he is lying to you. He is unlikely to marry you, and if he does it is statistically likely to end in divorce. Relationships that are a product of infidelity typically end that way.

You probably can't sue him for not paying your rent if the rent if the lease is in your name alone. He had no obligation to pay your expenses, it was purely gratuitous. However, if you rented a more expensive place that you couldn't otherwise afford in reliance on his promise you may have an equitable claim. Such a claim would probably cost more to pursue than the value of the claim though.

You might just have to accept this one as a life lesson. Since you were not married, you are not entitled to have the court equitably divide your debts and assets , nor are you entitled to spousal support or a status quo order that would require him to continue paying your bills pending resolution of the breakup. This is why you shouldn't live with and become dependent on a person that you are not married to, especially with children. Alternatively, you should at least have a cohabitation agreement that details what happens in the event of a breakup. Move on and be better prepared in the future.

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No, you can not sue him based on the facts you have stated. Best of luck - Reese Serra

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Hun, things can only get better. If I were you, I would go to the lease representative and explain your situation. Perhaps they will have some pity on you. Stay positive. If you need support, perhaps you can try to get child support from your children's father. If you would like more information on that, I can help you. You are welcome to call me.